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Christians are not immune to alcoholism. Even though a Christian has the power of Jesus Christ, he may attempt to numb the pain of life with substitute substances. The problem is, these substances often work--for a while. Soon, however, the substances become the problem rather than alleviating them. Getting help for an addiction like alcoholism requires humility, courage and strength.

Christian alcoholism treatment usually involves uncovering the source of the pain that needs healing. Getting to the root of pain requires the skill and patience of a professional counselor who is able to uncover the deep, often subconscious beliefs that were instilled early in a person's life. Childhood abuse, abandonment and shame cause psychological scars that require careful, gentle disclosure in order to replace the lies that took hold during those impressionable years with the truth of the gospel.

Because there is no condemnation in Christ, Christians seeking treatment for alcoholism can find hope and freedom from chemical dependence. While there may be shame in hiding your addiction from friends and family, getting help can open up the lines of communication and restore relationships that have been shrouded in deceit and secrecy. Christian alcoholism treatment can offer freedom that no amount of booze could ever offer. You will understand why confession is often called "coming clean." You will find a liberation and sense of freedom that the burden of shame and guilt kept buried.

Christians seeking alcoholism treatment don't need to take time off work, leave home, or check into a hospital. While some addicts may need in-house treatment, most people who want to be free of alcohol's strangling grip can get help by going to daily or weekly meetings, attending 12-step classes or group therapy, and talking to a counselor in an out-patient setting. These methods can help you understand that you are not alone, that everyone feels pain, and that you can reach out and ask for what you need without fear of condemnation or guilt.

Don't let shame or embarrassment keep you from seeking help in overcoming alcoholism. You will find new freedom, a deeper relationship with the God who loves you and wants you to be free, and you'll uncover a testimony that can help set others find freedom as well.

Call us today at (806) 853-9964 in Amarillo, TX

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